About Us

In a world where manufacturers are looking to produce cheaper products to compete on price, Beseated is making a stand for quality. We’re still keeping our prices down, but we’re not doing it by skimping on quality. We’re committed to building quality alfresco furniture for any market and application.

An intimate knowledge and awareness of the hospitality and retail environment has led to a comprehensive range of products, enabling us to ensure that clients receive furniture that is a perfect fit for their needs whether indoors or outdoors, designed in with thicker and stronger components than the components found in competitors’ products. So it’s no surprise that the majority of our products come with more impressive warranties, too.

Not confined in its use to conventional settings, whether indoors or outdoors, and totally unlimited in its adoption of global influences and international application.

At Beseated we realise that price is often a major factor when choosing furniture for your business. However, this needs to be balanced with the overall quality of the product and we have actively sourced products with a far greater emphasis on quality than many other suppliers within the Furniture market, but ensuring that they fall within a very competitive price bracket.